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Yi Li Metal Co., Ltd.
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Company Profile

The first generation of operators in 1967 set up De Li Co., Ltd. dedicated to the finished faucets, water heater water tray parts, furniture parts and copper antiques and other products. Has more than 50 years of sand casting experience, the rear section of the milling machine processing to the finished product has always been the technical and mold development experience.

The second generation of operators in 1992 set up Yi Li Metal Co. , Ltd. heritage father-in-law technology, the introduction of die-casting machine, CNC integrated processing machine, three meta-measuring machine, etc. , to meet the needs of customers for different casting workpieces, processing and so on. Factory also has polishing, grinding, vibration and other surface treatment equipment for a professional metal precision casting, processing, assembly (finished products) has always been a working factory, especially for product quality, shipping rapid requirements can always be repeatedly favored by customers .

Products covered by: hardware, electronics, mechanical parts, all kinds of furniture and hand tools parts and other products.

Buyers are welcome to sample or surface development design, joint research and development and contract work.

Aluminum Die Casting Manufacturer

Yi Li Metal Co., Ltd.. is a professional Aluminum Die Casting Service Supplier in Taiwan, offering Die Casting Service, Gravity Casting Solution and Sand Casting Service on Brass Parts, Alloy Parts and Hardware Parts with durable quality.  We offer Die Casting Tool, Aluminum Die Cast Tool and Aluminum Die Casting Hardware with superior quality and competitive price.  If you are searching for Industrial Casting, Die Casting, Aluminum Die Casting Tool and Casting Manufacturer, please do not hesitate to inform us.

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